Busy night and you're wondering when your song is coming up? Here's how we handle singer rotation at TCKDP:

Singer lineup (rotation) is first come, first served (with a few exceptions explained below).

The KJ reserves the right to mix up rotation order depending on singer, song choice, etc. but will make every attempt to keep things fair for everyone.

One song at a time, please. Donít give your next slip to the KJ until youíve sung (or are about to sing). If you give the KJ more than one slip at a time, only one will be entered into the rotation and extra songs will be entered after youíve had your turn.

Duets count as a turn in the rotation for each singer.

If there is a long queue (40 minutes or more), new singers will be mixed into the rotation ahead of others who have already sung a few times.

Please donít bribe the KJ to move up in the rotation but certainly tip the KJ for a job well done if youíre so inclined.

Feel like youíre waiting too long? Check with the KJ to see where you are in the lineup and to make sure your song didnít get overlooked (we sometimes make mistakes).

KJ will cutoff requests to coordinate with closing time. New songs will not be accepted after this but singers already in the rotation can swap out songs if theyíre so inclined.

If there is a big crowd, singers will be given a reasonable amount of time to respond when it is their turn. No response? Singer will be skipped or moved down the lineup at the KJs discretion.

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